Go Hiyama


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Go Hiyama

Surgeon、James Ruskin、Perc等、ヨーロッパで絶大な人気を誇るテクノアーティ ストに見出され、次々にハイクオリティなレコードをワールドワイドにリリース。 それらの作品はiTunes、beatport、Juno recordsのセールスチャートにも度々ランクインしている。Go HiyamaサウンドはPost Modern EP / Perc Traxを皮切りに更に進化し続け、ハード路線のみならず、PercやLucy、 Tommy Four Sevenなどのディープな テクノDJにも支持されている。また、ライブアクトの評価も高く、ヨーロッパ最大級のフェス”AWAKENINGS”にて 行われた日本人テクノパーティー “AWAKENINGS Japan Special”では、Ken Ishii、 Takkyu Ishino、Q’hey、Shin Nishimura、Takaaki Itohと共に日本を代表するテクノアーティストとして参加した。


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Go Hiyama (HueHelix)
Born in south Japan, Go Hiyama discovered techno music in 1994, when he got exposed to the sounds of such artists as YMO, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka and labels like Warp and Subvoice among others.
In 1995, Go Hiyama decided that it was time to start making his own tracks. His thinking for minimalism isn’t reduced to just music, so his tracks are always built by very different ideas and music styles.
Go Hiyama has released over 30 original productions on many different labels like Perc Trax, Token, Audio Assault, Stroboscopic Artefacts and the already mentioned Coda and Warm Up. His demand is rapidly growing worldwide.
His live set is also increasingly praised and has performed with Ken Ishii, Takkyu Ishino, Q’hey, Shin Nishimura and Takaaki Itoh those who leading the dance music in Japan at “AWAKENINGS Japan Special” produced by European biggest party as “AWAKENINGS”.