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DMX Krew
(Breakin’Records / Rephlex)

Ed DMXことDMX Krewは、自身のレーベル“Breakin’Records”を主宰し、制作・プログラミングはもとより、リードボーカルやピアノ等様々な楽器をこなすアーティストである。Aphex TwinのレーベルRephlexから、“Sound Of The Street”等6枚のアルバムを、またDJ HellのレーベルGigoloからも、Kraftwerkの”Showroom Dummies”のカバーを含む多数のシングルをリリースしている。TR-808独特の硬い機械的なビート、ヴォコーダーを駆使したロボットヴォイス、80年代ニューウェイヴを思わせるポップなサウンド、そして凄まじい音圧の唸るベースライン。そこにはEdにしかできない世界がある。


2010年には、Rephlexから配信のみでリリースされていたアルバム”WAVE FUNK”が音源化され、過去ヴァイナルにてリリースされていた音源をまとめたCD2枚組がリリースされた。

DMX Krew

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Ed DMX lives in London where he makes music and runs his label Breakin’ Records. He also travels around DJing and performing live most weekends in different parts of the world.
The first DMX Krew release was 1995′s “Got You On My Mind” on Dutch label DAP, and this was followed in 1996 by “Sound Of The Street” on Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex. This record hinted at what was to come with its mix of instrumental electro, synthpop and techno made on vintage equipment. Lots more releases followed, mainly through Rephlex but also on diverse labels including International Deejay Gigolos, Ersatz Audio, Sonic Groove and several others. DMX Krew remixes have also appeared of various artists including Gentle People, Biochip C, Denki Groove, Le Car and many others.
In 1997 Ed DMX started his label Breakin’ Records which gained a cult following as one of the UK’s first electro and bass labels with releases from DMX Krew and under the alias Computor Rockers, as well as first signings Bass Junkie and Mandroid. Later Breakin’ branched into other sounds with the signing and debut releases of acid maestro Ceephax Acid Crew, and the synthpop of G. D. Luxxe. In 2000 as EDMX, Ed became one of the first non-Detroit artists to make and release Ghetto-style electro tunes on the successful MPC Trax series of 12″s and the sell-out mix CD Bass mix. Later Detroit artists Digitek, 313 Bass Mechanics and Disco D also released on Breakin’ / MPC Trax.
The last three albums and pair of 7″ singles released on Rephlex under the umbrella of “The Collapse Of The Wave Function” reveal a deeper, more considered side to his production, featuring ambient and experimental tracks as well as quirkier dancefloor fillers.
Ed has performed all around the world both as a DJ and as a live act, including several US tours with and without the Rephlex crew, most of western and northern Europe and a lot of eastern Europe too, numerous tours in Japan including WIRE99 in front of 8000 people with Derrick May and Denki Groove in the Yokohama Arena. In 2004 DMX Krew appeared for the first time in Australia and he continues to play out most weekends.